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SBTR057 - Lurid Reign - Omniscient In The Realm Of Despair

Published March 24, 2014

Lurid Reign - Omniscient In The Realm Of Despair

01. Intro - Haunted
02. Escape In Silence
03. Omniscient In The Realm Of Despair
04. The Void Where I Remain
05. Awakening From Inside
06. Interlude - A Raven In Mountains
07. Frozen Fate
08. The Forgotten ApparitionĀ 
09. Flight
10. Summoning Of Ruin
11. Outro - Father Of Crows

Lurid Reign is: Hodr Vanorden-Everything
Thank yous : Stevil Haunt, Mia Raven, Wotan, Naraku666, SBT Records, Montara Mike, Patrick Mooney, Garuda Phurba, Deathymn, Pagan Spirits and everybody on the SBT roster, Hufter Zombiegrind, Torn Flesh Records. All people downloading... Hails!

Language English


Reviewer: Mr. Nowhere - - March 26, 2014
Subject: North American Black Metal at its finest
Great album! Very strong vocal delivery and a very raw, chilling sound. The guitar arrangements are very well executed and hard hitting. That intro was extremely awesome. It had a dirty wild west tone to it that I absolutely loved. Damn great job Hodr!

Reviewer: EviticusObscurita - - March 25, 2014
Subject: True Black Metal
Outstanding Effort. Amalgamate Burzum/Leviathan/Sargeist and you get Lurid Reign. Grim to the bitter end, an onslaught of frozen riffs, blistering vocals, and pounding drums influenced heavily by the paradigm 90's Scandinavian sound. Although the production is quite low-fi, it is still a passionate and valid example of raw black metal. Horns up for this underground release.